How Roz Lost 1 Stone in 6 Weeks

Everyone check out our awesome member Roz.

Roz was recently the winner of our 6 Week Transformation Challenge.

This is a competition we run among our full members.

The best male and female transformation both win a £200 cash prize.

The 6 week transformation challenge helps our full members reengage with their goals and maybe get back on track if some of them have fell off the wagon.

At the end of the day we’re all human.

Roz is a testament to what hard work gets you.

Roz has hit the 1 stone weight loss mark! 🙌

She has an amazing desire to succeed, a super positive attitude and is always pushing herself to the next level!

Roz is also willing to share her great recipes and ideas in our private Facebook group to help other members! 😁👌

“When that little black dress you hid for when you’re ‘thin enough’ is a bit too big… THAT night out 😍 all down to a bit of hard work and the constant support of Raise the Bar: Liverpool Personal Training love you lot.”

Roz joined our full customized group training program and trains with us 2-4 times per week and is always encouraging to other members during the sessions.

In her training sessions she does a mix of total body strength training to help tone her figure, increase metabolism and reduce body fat. We also do core and conditioning work as extra to help burn some extra calories and increase fitness levels.

Roz is an amazing member of RTB and works hard whilst staying upbeat and positive throughout her journey.

If you would like to lose 1 stone in the next 6 weeks, see our Transformation Challenge link below…

Owner of Raise The Bar Liverpool

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