Author: Liverpool Personal Trainer – Shaun Jones (Owner of RTB Liverpool)

Jessica Ennis’ body…

Some women love it

Some women don’t

But what her body represents is years of hard work, dedication to her craft, staying true to herself and most of all her values based on what it is she wants to achieve in life. Which is to be an elite level sports person.

Although she did also win a poll of best body over Kelly Brooke and Kim Kardashian too, so take that into consideration.

Cosmopolitan also reported (view full article here)

Olympian Jessica Ennis has the most desirable celebrity body

Studies show that women prefer body of Olympian Jessica Ennis over Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian. Would you rather be sexy sporty?

What I’m getting at is…

Jessica Ennis is a world class, top level athlete who trains hard to be the best at what she does.

Therefore her body is the by-product of all that hard work.

But let’s take a step into reality for a second.

We’re not all professional athletes nor do we compete for a living, so would it not be too unrealistic for us to try to achieve a body like hers?

This is what most people think regardless of who it is they wish to look like.

Society tells us in order to even be a little bit in shape or to lose weight we must RESTRICT, SACRIFICE and SUFFER!!!

When that’s just not the case.

Now to achieve a super lean, strong, body of your dreams, of course that’s going to take more work and effort than just losing a few pounds, but that’s all up to you, what you wish to achieve and how much you want it.

Most women will train 2-3x per week then complain they don’t look how they want after a few weeks and think ‘it’s not working’ when in fact, you just need to give it more time.

Some women will go all out training 6-7 days a week then complain that it’s not sustainable hence why they give up.

Jessica Ennis olympics 2012

Ab Envy!!


  • If you want to lose a couple pounds, you don’t even need to exercise.
  • Want to lose 2 stone, give it 12 weeks or more
  • Want to get toned arms, abs and legs, give it 12 months
  • Want to have a body like Jessica Ennis, give it years

I don’t say this to put you off, but to more so put into perspective: YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN

Your level of results is in direct relation to your level of commitment and effort.

We have women who have now been with RTB for 12 months, and guess what?

They are strong, lean, toned and have got the body of their dreams.

Do you think Jessica Ennis does ‘shaping exercises’ or ‘legs, bums and tums’ classes or any classes in general?


She lifts weights, builds strength, does high intensity conditioning and is consistent every single year.

It’s all about where you decide to live consistently over time on this spectrum below which will dictate the outcome of your results.




So remember if you want to look like Jessica Ennis, it is not going to happen overnight but simply sitting on the couch is not going to get you anywhere.

It is all about taking one step at a time whilst doing the right thing.

At RTB we get our clients to lift weights, get personal bests and high five for encouragement.

If you want to train in a friendly environment which specializes in female transformations only then RTB is for you.

We offer group personal training starting from £25 per week.

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Liverpool Personal Trainer – Shaun Jones
(Owner of RTB Liverpool)