Our Mission

“To help over 1000 men and women in Liverpool Raise The Bar for their health, fitness and body goals”

Meet The Team

Wayne Mciver

Wayne Mciver

Head Coach

Wayne Mciver

Wayne Mciver is the secondary head coach at RTB.

Wayne started his own health and fitness journey in 2015 when he was 3 stone overweight. Wayne decided he was fed up of how he felt so he hired a personal trainer and set out to change his body and life once and for all.

Wayne instantly took to the training and nutrition and decided he wanted to help others with their health and fitness goals. He completed his course, got a tonne of experience and is now RTB’s secondary head coach, helping dozens of women and men achieve their goals every single day.

Wayne has been in your position, stuck and frustrated with having no confidence, no energy, feeling sluggish and out of shape. He is a prime example that it can be done, you just have to put your mind to it.


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Don't Settle For Less

At Raise The Bar Liverpool we aim to be the best part of your day. That 45-60 minutes where you can forget about the stress of life and your job and enjoy putting yourself and your health first for a change.

We understand our clients time is valuable which is why we tell our clients training with us is not just about the workouts, it is about creating the life, body and health you want!

We will help you paint the picture and visualize where you want to be. We then create a customized plan to take you from where you are now to your end goal.

It’s not just about ‘losing weight’ or a few lbs here and there. We want to work with you long term so we can help you create the transformation you’ve always wanted.