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3 Stone down!

John has gone from 35% body fat to 22% in 16 weeks.

18lbs Muscle Gain

In the 3 months I’ve been training to put on lean muscle mass, I’ve gained 16lbs, shed a significant amount of fat from my overall body fat and progressed steadily in strength. I’m now well on my way to the body I’ve always wanted.

Most importantly, I’ve been given the guidance and knowledge on exercise and nutrition to last me a lifetime. I’m absolutely made up with the results, would recommend RTB to anyone looking to achieve their body/fitness goals! Thanks guys.

3 stone weight loss

I have gone from an unhappy 17st 3lb person at around 30% body fat to my current weight of just under 14st at approximately 16-17% body fat and it feels great. I still have some way to go but feel I now have the right tools and knowledge to reach my fitness targets.

6 Week Challenge WINNER! £200 cash prize

Check out our client Claire who’s absolutely smashed these last 6 weeks.

Sometimes the weight on the scale isn’t everything. Believe it or not there is only a 2lb difference in these pictures!

This is a prime example of what weight training can do for you when you incorporate the right nutrition alongside your training program.

Claire trained just 2x per week and drastically transformed her body shape.


30lbs Weight loss

Steve has melted away 30lbs of body fat and gained 7lbs of lean muscle. Steve is busy and has an extremely demanding occupation yet has still managed to achieve such amazing results in his time training with us.

3 stone down and shredded!

Simon is 43yrs old and has trained with Shaun for 6 years. Simon runs multiple businesses as well as having a busy family life yet doesn’t make excuses and takes pride in his health and body. This is a prime example of staying consistent over the long term.

No restrictive diets or endless amounts of cardio

male Transformation Results

Weight Loss / Transformation Results

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Raise The Bar Results
Raise The Bar Results
  • 100% Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back
  • Expert Liverpool Personal Trainers

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